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I have been a performer almost all my life and have sung my way through the last 20 years. Joining forces with some lovely musicians and creating shows and music that I have truly enjoyed.

My real love is for music with a bluesy feel to it, and within this we perform Blues, Soft Rock, Americana and just about anything that floats our boat!

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The Jacquie Young Band 2010 By Mark Watson
The Jacquie Young Band 2010 By Mark Watkin

The Jacquie Young Band

The Jacquie Young Band 2022 – Having a break Mid Recording session.

The Jacquie Young Band has morphed over the years, and between 2019 and 2023 we worked on a new album. With a pandemic in between, there were days when we wondered if the album would ever get finished. In many ways, it made the title of the album even more relevant.

(Hear our music at the bottom of this page)

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Our New Album 2023 – “It’s About Time”

We are now heading out on the road again! With our new album now fully released we will be performing these songs along with a mix of other popular tunes to keep your toes tapping and your musical ears happy!!

If you’d like to hear some more songs from “It’s About Time”, then do click on the album sample link below to find out more.  

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