The Importance of Purpose

As life has progressed it has become so very clear to me that to flourish as human beings we have to live the passions we feel deep inside our soul. To ignore this is to ignore life and the gifts that we have been given.

Songs of Life

The Band - Latest Music Bar 2010

The JY Band 2010 by Mark Watkin Price

I have been a performer almost all my life and have sung my way through the last 20 years. Joining forces with some lovely musicians and creating shows and music that I have truly enjoyed. This website is an archive of some of the music projects I have created, in addition to being a gallery for my own photography, which has become a keen hobby.


The Weald and Downland Museum By J Young

The Weald and Downland Museum By Jacquie Young

Pictures of the World

As you look at my photographs you will see that my style is quite simple. In general, I don’t spend a lot of time enhancing or adapting the image, I try to catch what I want at the source. Every one of us sees the world in a different way; each looking at the same thing but from a different angle or perspective. This is what makes us so wonderful as humans.



Sunset and Beauty by Jacquie Young

What Comes Next?

Although I have not been actively performing for a few years, I have begun work on a new project.  I am working alongside my acoustic guitarist from JY Band days, Chris Godfrey. We are beginning work on a new album;  a mix of bluesy sounding music that sits comfortably with the point of life we have both now reached.  Perhaps no longer feeling that urgent sense of ambition, motivating all we produce, we move with a more a relaxed attitude, as we are guided by the need to really enjoy what we produce.

Watch this space!